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Blacked Out and Whited Out: The Double Bind of Gifted Black Females Who Are Often a Footnote in Educational Discourse . . . Donna Y. Ford, Breshawn N. Harris, Janice A. Byrd, and Nicole McZeal Walters

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Blacked Out and Whited Out

The Double Bind of Gifted Black Females Who Are Often a Footnote in Educational Discourse

Donna Y. Ford

Breshawn N. Harris

Janice A. Byrd

Nicole McZeal  Walters

ABSTRACT: Black females are often placed in a difficult position of facing barriers in educational, vocational, and social settings that relegate them to second-class status when compared to issues facing Black males and those facing White females. Sharing race with one and gender with the other, the lived experiences of Black females is understudied and perhaps even discounted in the increasing racial injustices facing Black males and sexism facing White females. In this article, the authors address these neglects in the context of gifted education and Advanced Placement. We attend to what has been written about gifted and/or high-achieving Black females regarding areas that have been neglected and needs more attention to ensure that this student group is more than a footnote in educational and social justice work.

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“For Real Love”: How Black Girls Benefit from a Politicized Ethic of Care . . . Monique Lane

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“For Real Love”

How Black Girls Benefit from a Politicized Ethic of Care

Monique Lane

ABSTRACT: This article examines the concept of a politicized ethic of care, a teaching philosophy that is commonly rooted in the pedagogies of exemplary Black female teachers. Data from a larger study of a girls’ empowerment program at a public high school are used to argue in favor of this pedagogical tradition, which has been proven to facilitate the development of positive social identities and schooling behaviors among African American female students. The author challenges Western and gender-neutral approaches to caring for urban Black girls through an inductive analysis of curricula, in-class video footage, student artifacts, and interviews with former participants. Implications for teacher education research are presented.

KEY WORDS: culturally relevant care, culturally responsive pedagogy, urban education, Black feminist pedagogy, Black female teachers, Black female participants

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Assessment Reform in Shanghai: Issues and Challenges . . . Charlene Tan and Connie S. L. Ng

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Assessment Reform in Shanghai

Issues and Challenges

Charlene Tan

Connie S. L. Ng

ABSTRACT: This article investigates the perceptions of educators from Shanghai on the assessment system and reform in their municipality. The study shows that the Chinese educators perceive the conventional assessment system in Shanghai, particularly the national college entrance exam (gaokao), to be rigorous and fair but inadequate in fostering the holistic development of students. While the Chinese educators support the current assessment reform that is aimed at holistic education, they highlight the challenges of enacting alternative assessment due to prevailing historical and socio-cultural conditions. The case of Shanghai illustrates the continual relevance, strengths, and weaknesses of conventional assessment as well as its potential in complementing alternative assessment.

KEY WORDS: alternative assessment, assessment reform, conventional assessment, gaokao, Shanghai

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Selecting a Reading Intervention Program for Struggling Readers: A Case Study of an Urban District . . . Kathryn C. Auletto and Mary-Kate Sableski

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Selecting a Reading Intervention Program for Struggling Readers

A Case Study of an Urban District

Kathryn C. Auletto

Mary-Kate Sableski

ABSTRACT: Reading intervention programs provide the foundation for the educational success of students, especially those who are considered struggling readers. States across the country recently implemented legislation related to reading achievement, in which districts are required to provide specific literacy interventions to struggling readers in order to prevent retention. The choice in reading instructional programs has long-term impact on the future of students, as it is these programs that determine the need for retention in response to this legislation. This research study examines the factors that affect the decision of an urban district in selecting a reading intervention program to support struggling readers. The primary data sources include interviews and observations of two teachers who have chosen different reading intervention programs within the district. This study provides insights into schools currently affected by this policy and how they are choosing to respond to the new demands. The research question is: What factors influence an urban school district’s decision about specific reading instruction programs for struggling readers in response to state legislation requirements?

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Key Features to Inform Student Outcomes

Learning from a High School Healthcare Education Program

Rebecca A. Thessin

Ellen Scully-Russ

Jeanine Hildreth

Daina S. Lieberman

ABSTRACT: At a time when U.S. policymakers are demonstrating their commitment to CTE established to address particular workforce shortage areas, this mixed methods evaluation study sought to understand the key features and outcomes of an existing healthcare education program (HEP) founded with this intent. Findings demonstrated that the HEP incorporates several unique features that should be considered by other programs including hands-on work using hospital equipment, workplace observations, and a strong emphasis on career decision-making efficacy. Evidence showed that students who continue in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program for more than one year may exhibit somewhat higher rates of college enrollment.

KEY WORDS: career and technical education, CTE innovation, healthcare, workforce

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