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What the Public Should Know: A Fundamental Review of School Finance and Human Capital Theory

Bon, Susan Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

What the Public Should Know

A Fundamental Review of School Finance and Human Capital Theory


ABSTRACT: This research theoretically yet practically connects literatures from education and economics. Afterward, an empirical analysis quantitatively defines rich and poor communities and demonstrates strong relationships between community wealth and school spending. Measurements of school spending are extended by human capital theory to contrast educational investments in rich and poor communities. The major result of the analysis is that 30% greater investment occurs in rich communities than in poor communities. This investment differential occurs despite substantial government interventions that supplement local revenues. This research has important implications for school public relations in both rich and poor communities. State and federal policymakers are urged to pursue a human capital theory agenda that invests more in public schools. That agenda, if framed as recommended, will increase educational investments in all communities, especially those that are poor.

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Decker, Juilee Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub


Museums and Innovations

Edited by Zvjezdana Antos, Annette B. Fromm, and Viv Golding. New Castle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017. 249 pages. ISBN: 9781443812689.

Reviewed by Kirsten Belisle, Collections Manager, Dubois Museum & Wind River Historical Center, 909 W. Rams Horn St., Dubois, WY;

An aptly titled book, Museums and Innovations brings together 16 essays that unite theories with practical applications for exhibition construction as related to increasing meaning making in a globalized world. These essays discuss how demands placed on the museum field by ever-evolving societies have created the need for a new museology focused on moral activism and deeper community engagement. Each essay stresses the idea that museums must address each group of people in their communities—be they part of the majority, minority, resident, or migrant populations—through exhibitions. In addition, the constant theme of innovation and the critical approach to current museology make up for the occasional paragraph in this book overburdened by colloquial terms and jargon. Still, this book’s strength lies in the extremely detailed case studies included in each essay that provide extensive overviews of problems faced by these institutions and the ultimate solutions they created in their quest to serve their communities.

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In Search of Excellence in Education: The Political, Academic, and Curricular Leadership of Ethel T. Overby

JOURNAL OF SCHOOL LEADERSHIP Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub


ABSTRACT: This article examines the educational leadership of the first African American female principal in Richmond, Virginia: Mrs. Ethel Thompson Overby. It seeks to ascertain, through a historical framework utilizing critical race theory, how this particular educational and instructional leader conceptualized academic achievement given the context of segregation, known for its lack of resources, physical inadequacies of facilities, underfunded schools, underpaid teachers, and limited social, political, and economic power of students and their communities. More important, this research assesses what measures Overby as a school leader developed to foster the academic achievement and excellence of urban African American youth at the Elba School. We argue that this research documents how one African American female principal and her teachers conceptualized achievement beyond test scores to include other measures of achievement, such as educational access, critical and cultural literacy, community engagement and empowerment, citizenship education, and equal opportunity and success of the whole individual beyond standardized tests scores such as reading. It is hoped that today’s educational leaders can learn from Overby’s fostering of purposeful outcomes intended to thwart the institutional structures of racism while empowering the individual and community to view achievement as equal access and opportunity.

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An Application of the Taped Spelling Intervention to Improve Spelling Skills

Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Elizabeth McCallum
Ara J. Schmitt
Sarah N. Evans
Kristen F. Schaffner
Krista H. Long

ABSTRACT: The taped spelling intervention (TSI) is a procedure that was developed to improve the performance of students with spelling difficulties. The intervention requires students to listen to a collection of audio files that contain the pronunciation of a word, followed by a pause, and then the correct spelling of the word. Students are instructed to “beat the recording” by writing the correct spelling of each word before it is provided. Components of TSI include numerous opportunities to respond to spelling prompts, immediate feedback on the accuracy of responses, and error correction procedures. This study evaluated the effects of TSI with four middle school students recognized as having reading or writing difficulties. Results indicated immediately increased and sustained spelling performance in response to TSI. Discussion focuses on implications for practitioners and future academic intervention research.

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An Investigation of Alcohol Use Among Turkish High School Adolescents

International Journal of Educational Reform Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Figen Gürsoy, Mudriye Yildiz Bıçaçkı, and Neriman Aral

The onset of adolescence is marked by many physiological changes as well as new behavior patterns, attitudes, and reactions. To cope with these tremendous changes, adolescents need the support of understanding parents; otherwise, their social and emotional development may be hampered by poor familial communication, a deep yearning for independence, and a great effort for self-assertion (Kulaksızoğlu, 2001; Terrell-Deutsch, 1999). During this difficult period, adolescents usually value their peers more than they do their own families (Alonzo, 1989), and they let their behavior be shaped by their peers as well (Gürsoy & Yıldız Bıçakçı, 2003; Sing Lau, Dennis, & Patrick, 1999). Adolescents may resort to cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, or drug use (1) when faced with negative feelings such as loneliness, anxiety, and depression; (2) in an effort to prove themselves, cope with problems, relax, or forget about their worries; or (3) when confronted with peer pressure. Although substance use is initially seen as a tool to eliminate tension and worries, alleviate loneliness, and prove oneself, it is later perceived as a source of pleasure and happiness (Eccless et al., 1993; Yeşilyaprak, 1986).

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