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Medium 9781442229280

The Role of the Eucharist in the Salvation of All: A Reconnaissance

Pro Ecclesia Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

The Role of the Eucharist in the Salvation of All: A Reconnaissance

Peter John McGregor

Does the Eucharist have a role to play in the salvation of all people, and, if so, what role might it have? In Salvation outside the Church Francis Sullivan states that in the Eucharist the church offers the sacrifice of Christ for the salvation of all.1 He points out that, according to Gaudium et Spes, “the Holy Spirit, in a manner known only to God, offers to every man the possibility of being associated with the paschal mystery,” and that “if the Church is to be the universal sacrament of salvation, it is not enough that it be a sign; it must also serve as an instrument of salvation.”2 He claims that in Lumen Gentium there is an analogous relationship between the humanity of Christ as an instrument of the divine Word in the work of salvation and the church as the instrument of the Holy Spirit in bringing the grace of Christ to every human person.3 He proposes that this instrumental role of the church is carried out through its mission as a “priestly people,” offering spiritual sacrifices to God.4 Moreover, he reminds us of the teaching of Pope Pius XII that Jesus,

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Medium 9781442267923

Fossils, Federal Lands, and the Public Interest: Legal Issues and Challenges Facing Collectors, Scholars, and Museums

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Susan E. Leib

3026 Sycamore Lane, Milan, IL 61264; email:

Abstract    One of the greatest challenges of fossil collecting relates to location. Recent issues regarding the discovery, sale, and donation of fossils (particularly dinosaur fossils) have led to the realization that better laws must be put into place to protect paleontological specimens. As many natural history museums contain unique paleontological specimens, understanding the rules and regulations of ownership currently in place may help to dispel future problems.

As one of my geology professors used to say, “The rocks are where the rocks are.” The rocks you are looking for are never in a convenient place; they cannot come to you, you must go to them. Of course, it is always more convenient when the outcrop of choice is located on public land, easily accessible to anyone who is interested in further study. However, issues arise when fossil hunters, both amateur and professional, do not obtain a permit for collecting fossils, or simply do not realize the repercussion of collecting illegally in a certain area.

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Medium 9781475816648

School District Leadership Stability: The Relationship Between the Stability of a Board of Education and the Superintendent

International Journal of Educational Ref Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Paul Williams

Anna Maria Tabernik

ABSTRACT: Board of education membership changes that are numerous or frequent appear to cause some level of disruption to the educational process in a school district. A board of education that is changing can be vulnerable to special interest groups. The purpose of this study is to determine the interrelationships among the following five variables and board of education membership stability: (1) changes in student scores on the Ohio tests of achievement, (2) changes in the district’s operational millage rates, (3) changes in the number of staff conflicts and anxiety, (4) changes in the percentage of enrolled minority students, and (5) changes in overall student enrollment.

Board of education membership changes that are numerous or frequent appear to cause some level of disruption to the educational process in a school district. A board of education that is changing, relatively new, or unsure of its membership can be vulnerable to special interest groups. This type of school board may not be able to provide leadership, direction, or goals for the school district. Members may pursue changes in policy to promote the values and aspirations of a small vocal minority.

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Medium 9781475823806

Observations From the National Academy for Superintendents: Three Shifts in Thinking Toward Better School Communications

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub


ABSTRACT: This discussion summarizes comments made at the National Academy for Superintendents held at The Ohio State University focusing on changes practitioners have experienced in the area of school communication. The article examines how broad community themes, linking education to the entire community fabric, have resonated and better served the mission of the school district. Second, the article describes examples of how the quality and frequency of communication have shifted, given the significant competition for messages in today’s world of media. Finally, there is discussion of how communication centered around core values of the school district becomes crucial. Value-driven communication themes assist the district in carrying out specific educational objectives. There is a concluding discussion of how the art of face-to-face communication by the superintendent is essential in personalizing the messages of the institution and community.

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Medium 9781475817393

Fashioning a Culture for School Leadership from the Top

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub



ABSTRACT: School leaders are unavoidably touched by educators placed higher in the formal systemic hierarchy. This article reports the attempt of a newly-appointed Education Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to fashion a culture of leadership suited to self-managed schools and shifting educational priorities. First, the context into which the CEO was appointed is described as is the rationale anchoring the new set of guiding values. Second, the values themselves and the actions taken by the CEO to stimulate their adoption throughout the system are discussed. Finally, some initial administrator reactions to the change attempt and a number of associated issues are explored. Findings indicate that actions from high-level educators can influence principals’ approaches to leadership, but that such changes may lack durability unless other influential players exhibit commitment. A further finding exposed the paradox of instituting culture change while avoiding a personality driven approach to leadership.

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